2022 has truly been a historic year for our town and whilst we continue to face some very difficult times, I am confident that the people of Oswestry will continue to support each other, local organisations, charities and businesses.

I and my young family are very much looking forward to Christmas, but we must recognise that this is not the case for everyone, some of whom will be alone, some of whom may be struggling with the pressure that often bares its weight at this time of year. Oswestry is a friendly town and I would ask you to extend our friendship to all and do a little bit more to look out for those who need our support.

On behalf of my fellow councillors and the staff at Oswestry Town Council I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am truly optimistic about what 2023 will bring, and I hope you are too.

Please shop local!

Merry Christmas everyone.


Image courtesy of Graham Mitchell.