Year 10 and year 12 students, Laura and Mary Hayton-Lee are undeterred in lockdown as they continue their education remotely. Both girls attend Moreton Hall School in Shropshire, but since social distancing has been enforced the girls have returned to their family in Herefordshire.

Unable to access the internet from their home, Laura and Mary have relied on the community to offer a safe place to study. Pudleston Village Hall has become their physical classroom with the girls utilising the facilities and internet to enable them to access their online lessons.

As both girls are in key year groups, preparing for next year’s GCSEs and A Levels respectively, they were determined not to miss Moreton Hall’s remote learning provision.

Laura enthused: ‘Our teachers continue to cover the curriculum, and although it was a challenge at first, we have adapted to Zoom lessons and are being fully supported with our academic lessons.’

Mary added: ‘You become a more independent learner, but always know that you have a teacher willing to offer a one-to-one if we need to consolidate knowledge.’ She also noted how the broader curriculum was enhancing the knowledge acquired in core lessons. ‘Our Jenner Society lectures have continued remotely offering advice and insights from leading professionals in the medical, veterinary and science world. I’m also encouraged to broaden my understanding through TED talks.’

Whilst the girls acknowledged the high calibre of academic provision they receive, they spoke enthusiastically about the wider curriculum. Laura reflected on the wellbeing and pastoral care which continues over Zoom. She describes this as something which ‘underpins Moreton Hall: personal tutors, house mistresses, health care, learning support. There is ongoing wellbeing guidance.’

Both are keen sportswomen and have been undertaking the school’s lacrosse challenge, completing runs, workouts and cycling. Laura added: ‘When we’ve finished, we share a sweaty selfie with our team mates.’

She continued: ‘Our lunchtime break helps us with this.’ It’s a quick affair, with Laura and Mary jogging a mile home and back again to start their afternoon lessons.

It certainly seems that the girls are determined to make the most of the remarkable breadth a Moreton Hall education affords, and thanks to the community – Pudleston Village Hall – their education continues even though they are physically distant from school.