This immaculate red Vauxhall Nova has been serviced by experienced technician Alan Edwards since it was sold by Arthurs of Oswestry in 1993.

Price at the time: £4.500.

Ever since the sale, Alan has serviced the novel Nova which was originally sold to Mrs. Eileen Northcott, the mother of the Rev. David North of Whittington who has been its owner since she stopped driving in 2002.

Said Neil Pomford, Arthurs of Oswestry Aftersales Manager: “This is a really beautiful and most distinguished car which we are exceedingly delighted to have serviced every year since its original sale on March 17 1993.

“That’s a lot of regular annual services and indeed no small number of MOT’s which we have also carried out on behalf of the Rev. North during those 24 years. The fact that Arthurs has serviced this car for so many years is due to several factors.

“For example, the way it is driven, looked after by the owner and the fact that our team of technicians have a total of 150 years’ experience in the motor industry.

“We are confident that we shall still be servicing, and MOT’ing this marvellous Vauxhall car, for many years to come.”

Although it is Alan who has always worked on the car, Arthurs of Oswestry have another ‘record’ in their workshop – their five technicians have over 150 years’ combined experience.

Said the Rev North, 71, who retired as rector of Whittington Parish Church in 2010 after 23 years: “I cannot thank Arthurs of Oswestry enough for their continuing careful servicing of the Nova which my mother adored and I have also loved ever since.

“I think it is one of the oldest cars that Arthurs service and I have had many offers to sell which I have no intention of doing. To me this is a classic and although I now only use it as a local run-round, it has been to Cornwall and Exeter, but still only has a mileage of 67,842.

“I have dealt with Arthurs since coming to Oswestry in 1987 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. In addition, I also have a Vauxhall Astra which I use more generally than the Nova and they service this car as well. I started driving in 1966 and have owned a Vauxhall since 1969, except for a period when I drove another make.

In return for the Rev North’s support, Arthurs for a number of years sponsored the carol service at Whittington Parish Church from which the rector retired six years ago.