Any company designing and planning a large-scale build must consider the environmental impact and seek to minimise it.

Aico Ltd has done just this.

Since the spring of 2019, Aico has been developing a new headquarters on a greenfield site in Oswestry. During the planning stages, Aico has made every effort to reduce the project’s environmental impact. In fact, we have included elements that will benefit both wildlife and local residents.

Neal Hooper, Managing Director of Aico, highlights the importance of thoughtful and strategic planning. “Throughout the project,” he said, “we have looked at the impact on the environment and sought to ensure that we would work with our landscape and habitats, to minimise disruption. We were conscious of the need to act responsibly; a key decision was to re-use excavated soil to totally remodel the existing flat landform.”

If you have been keeping a keen eye on the development, you’ll have seen in the artist’s impression the extensive planting that will take place shortly. With the installation of over 240 native trees, the creation of 2560 square metres of wildflower meadow and the retention of 600 metres of existing hedgerow, Aico is safeguarding the site’s wildlife and habitats, now and in the future.

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Development of Aico’s Trim Trail and pond.