The team at the British Ironwork Centre, Oswestry, has created its Anti-Bullfighting Monument after being inspired by the work of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) – an animal rights charity dedicated to ending violence against all animals.

A spokesperson for the British Ironwork Centre said: “This unique monument features the image of a bull in the midst of a fight, showcasing the pain that these creatures have to endure whilst they are put on display for human entertainment.

“Designed to promote conversation and to raise better awareness over these issues, the monument not only highlights the negative effects of bullfighting but also the cruelty of all other blood sports.

“Every year, over 250,000 bulls are killed during bullfights. We want to use our Anti-Bullfighting Monument as an important point of tuition for children and visitors alike to gain better awareness over the reality of these inhumane sports.

“We now have a number of PETA leaflets and informative material available here, and we hope to do a lot more with them in the future.”

The monument is now on display at the British Ironwork Centre and the team there hope it will form a crucial part of school trips and visits to the centre in the future.

The Ironworks’ Anti-Bullfighting Monument