Borderland Rotary respond to the Turkey, Syria earthquake with a donation of £1000 to ShelterBox, a charity that’s been supported by the Rotary Club since its inception in 2000.

Cathy Osselton, chair of the international committee at Borderland said, “You can’t help but be moved by the tragic scenes that have been on our TVs in the last few days and we at Borderland Rotary immediately responded and discussed the best way we could help and, as Rotary has been involved with ShelterBox for many years, it was decided that this would be the quickest and most effective use of the donation because they already have people in the area”.

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity based in Cornwall and is one of the most innovative charities as it provides direct physical help to the heart of the disaster area. Typical the large green ShelterBox contains tents as temporary shelter, water filters, water carriers, solar lights, cooking sets, blankets and mats and even a children’s activity pack. All the items are packet in the sturdy green box and distributed by the ShelterBox Response Teams directly to the people on the ground who are in distress. The aid is tailored to the nature of each individual disaster so items supplied may vary.

Cathy continued, “We will monitor the situation as it develops and consider ways of further helping and if anybody would like to help in anyway, please contact,”.

Jonathan Jones and Cathy Osselton discuss Borderland response.

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