Borderland Rotary hosted a Macmillan Cancer Coffee Mornings at Oswestry Street market on Friday and were not blown away by the weather but by the fantastic response of the people of Oswestry.

As usual the delicious coffee was provided by Lynda Jones from Llynclys Farm in her little van and the magnificent range of cakes by Sean Evans from Sweeney Hall Hotel, while Harry Richardson set up the stand and coordinated the event for Borderland.

Harry said, “It all started very well and it was quite sunny but funnily enough, as the weather got worse, the takings went up and I was really impressed by the generosity of all the people that stopped for a chat as the rain poured down. We’ve been doing the coffee morning for some years now, apart from Covid of course, but we’ve never taken so much money and I’m so grateful to everyone that gave so freely in these difficult times and I’d like to thank Lynda and Sean for making it possible.”

Sean, from the Sweeney Hotel said, “I always look forward to doing this event as it’s a chance for me to give something back and get out and meet everyone and I’m obviously thrilled to see that people seem to enjoy the cakes we make at the hotel, long may it continue.”

Harry continued, “Having added the money up, we took just over £650 and I think that total was well worth getting wet for.”

Pictured: Sean Evans (The Sweeney) Sherie Soper, Harry Richardson (Borderland) & Lynda Jones (Llynclys Farm Coffee)