Rotarians listened with interest as Jo Hazell-Watkins and Kevin Braddock explained what Soma Space is and what they plan to achieve.

Kevin set the scene and said, “Jo and I come from different disciplines but share a common aim and belief that we can develop the Soma Space, a studio for movement and mental health, into a force for good in our community.

“Ten years, even five years ago people did not talk about mental health problems but, at last, they are being recognised and addressed. I am a Psychotherapist while Jo is a qualified Personal Trainer, and we believe that together we can help people to deal with many problems by sharing their issues and gaining inner strength both physically and mentally. We now have a permanent base in the Memorial Hall and have been busily painting and preparing for our formal opening on Wednesday October 25th – and I think we’ll be just about ready”!

Jo continued by saying, “We use the slogan, ‘Movement for Mental Health’ as we both think that there are many day-to-day issues such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder and lots of other conditions that can be treated either drug free or in a complimentary programme by joining others and setting a path for change. We have raised enough money to get us started by crowd funding, but we hope to get continued support until we are up and running. We have seen great interest in the project from both the medical profession as well as from people who would like to attend. It’s all been very exciting”.

If you’d like to know more about The Soma Space, it’s at The Memorial Hall, Smithfield Street, Oswestry SY11 1EZ @thesomaspace

Pictured: Andy Boroughs, Kevin Braddock, Jo Hazell-Watkins & Brian Ashton.