An 11-year-old  girl from near Oswestry who was seriously injured in a road accident has made a video from her hospital bed, urging cyclists to always wear helmets.

Amey Hogan says her helmet saved her life.

She suffered serious head and face injuries, including two skull fractures, one of which damaged the optic nerve which means Amey has permanently lost the sight in her right eye.

The accident happened three weeks ago as Amey was cycling to school in her home village, Ruyton-XI-Towns, near Oswestry.

She was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she underwent surgery to fix her jaw which was broken in two places and to mend her smashed cheekbones.

Now recovering she surprised her family with the video, made on her mobile phone.

In it Amey has posted a series of pictures taken over the last three weeks along with powerful statements.

She wrote that she had suffered serious injuries but was slowly getting better, day by day.

“I was on my bike. I came out of my friend’s drive and right there, there was a van.

“I am so lucky that it wasn’t any worse. I have had so much support.

“The bike helmet saved my life.”

Amey then writes a message to other cyclists, telling them: “Be careful. Don’t rush, but most importantly wear a helmet when biking. It saved my life, it could save yours too.”

The video has already been viewed almost 55,000 times on Facebook.

Watch the video by following the link below:

While Amey was in hospital the local community set up a Just Giving internet page to raise funds so that her mother, a self employed beautician, could concentrate on visiting Amey in hospital, to help with travel and parking costs.”