Macmillan Cancer support in Shropshire have approached The British Ironwork Centre to become the new venue for their annual ‘Colour Run’.

The charity each year hosts the run which sees participants race along a 3km course whilst volunteers throw powder paint at runner’s at strategic points along the track. Sponsored races have become very popular recently with events like ‘Tough Mudder’ and ‘Pretty Muddy’ which all add the ‘getting messy’ aspect to the run to make it more appealing and more enjoyable for participants who wouldn’t normally sign up to a sponsored run.

The Colour Run is normally held at Hawkstone Park, Shrewsbury, but Hawkstone Park have offered themselves as a venue to another charity which obviously then mean Macmillan had to find a new venue.

Kate Thomas, Fundraising Manager for Macmillan in Shropshire said,

“When we first found out the Hawkstone were unable to host Colour Run next year, The British Ironwork Centre immediately sprung to mind as a possible new venue. They have the space and creativity to make our colour run a huge success.”

Macmillan’s colour run every year is heavily supported by Girl Guiding UK. Shropshire’s girl guides volunteer to help man the course at the paint stations and even run the course themselves. Clare Shinton, County Commissioner for Girl Guiding Shropshire spear heads the association involvement and works closely with Macmillan in setting up the race. Clare said,

“We are really excited that next year’s colour run will be hosted at the British ironwork Centre. Girl Guiding Shropshire already support Macmillan Cancer Support with bag packing and other fundraising activities, it is exciting that we can again support Macmillan colour run, thanks to the British Ironworks.”

Clive Knowles, Chairman for the British Ironwork Centre has said,

“It’s a privilege to help Macmillan and besides, I believe we can inject an extra level of excitement using our sculptures on route and having staff dressed in crazy costumes.”

The run is being planned for Sunday July 1st, the race is still in the planning stages at the moment but registration information will be made available soon. Watch this space.

British Ironwork Centre to Host Colour Run 1