An Oswestry graphic designer and branding specialist who has helped businesses for free through the coronavirus pandemic is seeing the support and good will returned as the agency now goes from strength-to-strength.

G Sabini-Roberts runs brand design agency Gina.Design, based in Oswestry, and earlier this year offered businesses a free online group challenge to adapt their brand during lockdown, followed by individual video calls at no cost. Around 80 people got involved in the challenge and 30 business owners took up the chance to discuss their brand over a video call.

G also runs a Facebook group to support business owners and entrepreneurs. The Brand Hacks group is a space for questions, conversation and sharing on all things branding where G and co-host, Sarah Raanan, regularly post tips, ideas and other free content.

After a spring and early summer supporting others in such ways, and despite the challenges of the year, Gina.Design has emerged to be more successful than ever. Wife Ruth joined the business a year ago to manage the admin and finance – and seven freelancers and consultants are now on board.

G said: “This year has obviously been a difficult one for many businesses. The free group challenge was about giving them an opportunity to get really clear about who they are as a brand and how to use that clarity to grow their business.

“It was about really helping businesses get to grips with who they are, who they serve, why they stand out in their own marketplace and how to use that knowledge to improve their sales.

“It was great to be able to support fellow entrepreneurs in this way – and, alongside this, there has been lots of fantastic interaction in the Brand Hacks Facebook group.

“Furthermore it’s been brilliant that since, as more businesses have got back on track, they’ve got in touch and supported me as clients.

“Gina.Design is now doing better than it ever has in eight and a half years of trading and we have a range of clients from sole traders to large companies – which has led to going from one – myself – at the business to a team of nine including freelancers and consultants.”

G continued: “Until this year I only ever worked one-to-one with my clients. It was getting to interact with so many business owners through the free challenge and calls that showed me that there was a need for a more affordable, group offer and I created the Rapid Brand Mastermind. This is where businesses can have a new brand launched and developed in two days through brand coaching in a small group setting, followed by a private session to design the visual brand for their offer.

“Many of the businesses that have done the Rapid Brand Mastermind have been making sales before the two days is up. Two of them have even sold out in less than 48 hours. A total of 50 businesses have now gone through the Rapid Brand Mastermind, and with more dates booked in until the end of the year, there is scope for plenty more to do the same.

“I still work with clients one-to-one and for those clients, everything can be done in just one day and everything is done 100 per cent online so there are no social distancing issues to worry about.

“Branding is a big thing. It’s not just a logo, a colour scheme, a selection of fonts or an image library. It’s everything from the way you speak about what you do to the emotional reaction you inspire in your audience. When you know your own brand you can communicate it clearly – and I love supporting other businesses to thrive with a clear brand.

“I have come out of this pandemic stronger and I know hundreds of other businesses across the region will too. Together we are definitely stronger.”

For further information about G and Gina.Design, based at The Fort, Artillery Business Park, please visit,, email or call 07905 312296.

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