Carina Parkinson is a business owner in Oswestry and during the first lockdown, rediscovered her love of running (having completed the London Marathon in 2007 and vowing never to run again!) During this time, with normal running events put on hold, she took part in virtual events for Hope House.
Having been inspired by these events and networking with charity representatives from Hope House and League of Friends for RJAH, she decided she wanted to complete her own challenge and raise as much sponsorship as possible for both of these charities.  She came up with the idea of the January 10K a day, although, Carina admits that this idea was during the summer- “It seemed like a good plan while it was warm, with longer days, no school run and my business still in its infancy, to think of running daily but of course lots has changed and I picked the toughest winter month to do it. But what would be the point if it was too easy!” And she decided it would be even better to enlist other keen runners. The ‘10K a Day Team’ was born.”

Carina added: “It has been an interesting month what with lockdown and home-schooling thrown in the mix and of course the inevitable changeable January weather.   The team consisting of myself, Rob Griffiths, Darren Hall, Emma Hughes, Jack Fallows and Connor Williams – have run through snow, ice, rain, wind and occasional sunny spells to try and reach a new fundraising goal of £2,000.

Charities have all been badly affected during the last 12 months so the team feels it’s more important than ever for people to get behind events that mean something to them and raise much needed funds.”

The fundraising target was previously set at £500 but Carina and the team are hoping they can reach the revised £2,000 target by this Sunday.
If you would like to sponsor the team, please visit the fundraising site below: