The arrival of a bright blue BMW X2 for the week coincided with Evan’s first smile, and wonderfully it happened while he was lying out in the garden with Isabelle.

Whether it was the X2 – a small crossover with a coupe influenced design – that made him smile or the fact he was just happy to be outside with his big sister I will never know, but a part of me will forever cling onto the hope that he likes cars as much as I do.

And the X2 is a car I very much do like. Visually it is very pleasing. With its athletic shoulder line and gently sloping roof line, the dynamic styling of the X2 definitely grabs attention.

Although considered a rival to the Volvo XC40 and the Range Rover Evoque, it is actually much lower to the ground and has sportier characteristics. Equally, it has a higher driving position than your typical hatchback.

For people like me, who have children and seem to load the car with all but the kitchen sink every time you venture more than five miles from the house, this is perfect because you get all the storage space you require but don’t end up driving around in a vehicle that is far too big for today’s urban roads and narrow supermarket parking spaces.

There is no compromise on engine choices either, with three petrols and a pair of diesels. As for specs the entry-level BMW X2 SE level is reasonably equipped, but you can step up through Sport, M Sport and Sport X trims.

The car I had on test was a 2.0-litre diesel with the M Sport body kit. A great looking car with lots of oomph. The brochure describes the X2 as ‘ready to tackle any adventure you throw at it’ and while I doubt that is entirely true, it is great fun to drive.

It comes packed full of the usual technology you’d expect. Features like ConnectedDrive and the BMW Connected+ app offer richer and more immersive driving experiences. Whether its must-have entertainment or Real Time Traffic Information, X2 is all about connecting your worlds.

But, wait for it, the real shock is the fact it is front-wheel drive. Yet, despite the move away from rear-wheel drive the X2 retains the dynamic prowess of most BMWs. Obviously it is no racing car but it handles corners with ease and has plenty of go when you put your foot down to overtake. Importantly it is also fairly fuel efficient and running costs are never going to be outrageous. In many ways, it is the ideal family car.

Prices for a BMW X2 start at £29,725, but as it has been out for a number of years now it might also be worth exploring the used car market for a deal.