North Shropshire College Countryside Management Lecturer Zoe Jones has been busy organising a Mental Health Awareness Even hopes to raise awareness to support young people with mental health problems due to take place on the 9th of December at Oswestry’s Memorial Hall 10am-4.30pm.

The event has been organised to raise awareness of support for young people in Shropshire through first intervention. Zoe is also aiming to promote the benefits of Eco-Therapy through her course focussing on natural stress free environments and conservation and mindfulness based activities which have been proven to radically reduce anxiety and stress.

Zoe comments “I decided to organise the event last year in response to my concern for the rising number of young people suffering from Mental Health issues, both inside and outside of the College. This year it has become much more relevant as I have been deeply saddened by the loss of a close friend’s daughter who took her own life at 18 earlier this year.

The event brings together a host of highly-skilled alternative therapists, herbalists, meditation, healing, stress-reduction, kinesiology, sound healing, massage and much more. There are also seven free workshops on stress, herbal medicine, sound healing, kinesiology, essential oils and the power of telling your story. “I wanted to put together a high-quality group of teachers and therapists from the alternative healing world to give people the opportunity to find more natural and holistic ways to heal themselves,” says Zoe “I also hope that I will be able to provide some of my own Eco-Therapy focussed courses at a number of sites in the future”.

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Pictured:  Zoe Jones