Selattyn & Gobowen Parish Councillor Craig Emery has been selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in North Shropshire.

Cllr Emery said he was delighted to have been chosen by local party members for the role and was looking forward to campaigning with them whenever a general election is called.

“I really enjoy making a difference locally, being involved in several local community groups and I’m proud to represent my community as their local councillor.”

Cllr Emery highlighted his difference from other candidates having taken part in a recent national campaign for Colostomy UK to raise awareness on Stoma’s.

“In May 2023 I underwent major surgery which resulted in me having a Stoma. I’m so thankful to the NHS but also really focussed on showing that having a disability doesn’t stop people from doing great work for their community. It’s also really highlighted that across North Shropshire there is a large group of extraordinary people who have been abandoned by the government. Those people need a voice and I am ready to represent them every day.”

Cllr Emery added “People in North Shropshire have a clear example in Oswestry Town Council where Greens have shown that in power they make a difference for the community. Delivering free buses, economic renewal, protecting heritage & culture, winning National Awards and upgrading public facilities.

The local announcement follows Green Party success in the local elections which saw the party achieve a record number of local Councillors.

Carla Denyer, Co-Leader of the Green Party added, “Voters are increasingly turning to the Greens because we offer a real alternative, with sensible and practical policies to tackle local and national issues such as the cost of living, the housing crisis, underfunded and run-down public services and the terrible state of our rivers. The Green Party is the clear alternative for the change we need to happen.”