Two initiatives at Oswestry’s specialist orthopaedic hospital have been hailed as finalists in prestigious awards which aim to celebrate those working in orthopaedics across the country.

 The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) – who are founding members of the National Orthopaedic Alliance (NOA) – have been shortlisted twice times in the NOA Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards.

The NOA are a membership organisation that leads on collaboration, by bringing together orthopaedic providers across the country to share experiences and address shared challenges with an aim of delivering consistent, high-quality care for patients.

The Time to Care recruitment campaign has been shorted in the Workforce Recruitment Campaign category, while the Trust’s cost-of-living support initiatives are finalists in the Workforce Retention Initiative category.

Louise Pearson, Assistant Chief Nurse at the Oswestry-based hospital, was part of the team who worked on the Time to Care recruitment campaign.

She said: “Time to Care involved several phases including a social media advertising campaign, a series of recruitment days, a golden ticket initiative for students and international recruitment.

“It has been made possible through a diverse group of staff, including clinical and non-clinical colleagues, coming together with one key goal – making sure everyone knows that RJAH is a world class place to work.

“I’m delighted to have seen everyone’s hard work recognised in the NOA Awards.”

RJAH initially launched cost-of-living initiatives in the autumn of 2022 and have continued to implement new schemes to help staff during this time.

Olivia Evans, Improvement, Innovation and Effectiveness Facilitator, collaborated with various teams across the Trust to introduce these initiatives. She said: “I was thrilled when I found out the cost-of-living initiatives have been shortlisted in the NOA Awards.

“Over 9 months, we have implemented a series of initiatives such as free breakfasts, £2 lunches, free sanitary products, additional pay for Bank shifts among more, and has been a real collaborative effort from across the Trust.”

The NOA Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards recognise NOA member organisations, projects and teams that have distinguished themselves through exemplary contributions, influence, and commitment to transforming services across orthopaedics – both clinically and non-clinically.

Stacey Keegan, Chief Executive at RJAH, said: “It’s great to see so many fantastic initiatives in the Trust shortlisted in the NOA Excellence in Orthopaedics Awards – they are all so deserving.

“I wish them the very best of luck at the ceremony.”

Winners will be unveiled in a glittering ceremony on Wednesday 19 October.