A local mother and son have completed 100 miles on their bikes and raised over £400 inspired by the wonderful NHS.

Ashlea Allen said: “As a family we are amazed by the wonderful work of the NHS. On a daily basis during this time we are reminded how the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are putting others before themselves. Saving lives, putting their own at risk when the world faces a crisis.

Trying to explain this to our children who are 3 and 5 is something hard for them to comprehend. Being at home and enjoying this time together as a family, whilst others face the front line for us on a daily basis, we wondered if we could think of anything, all be it small that could make a difference.

We found ourselves having time to reflect on what’s important. With more time now available my son and I started cycling together. Eli is 5, a great age for us to start something together we both enjoy. It came to us that we could be using this time to reach a goal, set ourselves a target and make each mile count.

A way of Eli learning to love exercise and understand the importance of it in his life for health and happiness. Alongside this we thought we could be making a difference to the crisis the world faces. This excited him and me.

We came home and Eli was excited to tell Dad our plans to set up a ‘go fund me’ page and raise money for the NHS.”

On Sunday afternoon both Ashlea and Eli completed the amazing goal they set themselves of 100 miles!

Please donate if you can by following the link below. Any amount however small would be hugely appreciated.