An Ellesmere College student has taken second prize in a national writing competition inspired by the works of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Ronan Phillips – Year 12 – won a £150 cash prize for himself and a further £500 for the library at the College.

The Canterbury Tales Writing Competition 2019/20: ‘Hopes and Dreams’ was the third annual competition for youngsters aged between five and 18 inspired by Chaucer – generally considered to be the father of the English language and our greatest medieval poet.

It is open to all children, whether educated in school, at home or by other young people’s community organisations and is split into three age groups, Junior, 5-10; Intermediate, 11-14; Senior, 15-18.

Ronan said: “I was really surprised and pleased with the achievement of coming second in this competition outside school against students from all over the country.”

Daniel Bottom, Head of English at Ellesmere College, said: “Ronan has done exceptionally well to take second place in such a prestigious national writing competition. It’s great news for him and wonderful news for the College.

“The competition, now in its third year, invokes the spirit of Chaucer’s works and was inaugurated by The Chaucer Heritage Trust in honour of one of our best-known, best-loved and most influential writers.

“The trust is working hard in so many ways to ensure the legacy of Chaucer continues to live on for new generations to discover, learn about and enjoy his works. This competition is part of that effort.

“Entrants had to submit a work of no more than 500 words in one of three categories: a poem about hopes and dreams, a story set in a dream, or a description of a character met in a dream.

“By all accounts, there was a fantastic response in all three categories and it was an unbelievably difficult task for the judges to reach their decision. It’s a great achievement by Ronan and we really couldn’t be more delighted. Many, many congratulations.

“The £500 cash award to the College will be put to good use in our library, and I’m sure it didn’t take long for Ronan to think about how his £150 second place prize would be spent.”

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