Success cannot always be measured by the results at the end of a course, that often is an accumulation of a series of events during the learner’s journey. Obstacles and challenge have to be overcome; fears have to be faced and motivation by coaches and tutors keep the learner on track to reach their destination.

None more so than for young North Shropshire College (NSC) Apprentice, Rowena Bennett, now in her second year within the employability and community education department. Rowena began her journey some three years ago as a student on the Resilience Programme where personal development played a fundamental part in building the confidence of learners. During this time, Rowena also undertook valuable work experience within the Marketing Department at the College. She recalls, ‘I really enjoyed the placement at NSC and I then moved to an internship at Severnside Housing.’

Following on from the internship, Rowena wanted to gain employment as an apprentice or in a junior role. Despite physical challenges and disappointments after unsuccessful job interviews, owing to Rowena not having the necessary experience, she seized the opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship in business administration within the College and has never looked back.

Rowena’s resilience tutor, Rosemarie Sellers who is now her line manager comments, ‘Initially Rowena did not grasp how important it is to pick yourself up and start over again if things do not work out, however everything she learned during that first year as a student, she brought into play at the interview as she showed her determination to succeed. She has demonstrated a willingness to learn and has become a valuable team member during this time.’

Both Chloe Bird (Rowena’s Assessor) and Rosemarie Sellers have witnessed Rowena grow in confidence and develop her skills during her time working as an apprentice at NSC. Rosemarie goes on to say, ‘Rowena has shown us all that inside each and every learner there lays dormant the seed of potential. It is our role as tutors to find and nurture that seed to give each and every learner the opportunity to be the very best they can be.’ Rowena says of her time at the College, ‘What I am doing now has made me stronger together with the support of Chloe and Rosemarie. I love what I do and I hope to continue here permanently at the College in my role after I complete my apprenticeship.’

Pictured: Rosemarie Sellers, Rowena Bennett and Chloe Bird

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