A former patient who received extensive care for a spinal injury at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) has continued to support the hospital by raising funds for RJAH Charity.

Fidel Thompson, who represents Breakin Barriers, has raised an incredible £9,600 for RJAH Charity’s Spinal Injuries Activity Fund, which directly benefits the hospital’s Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries (MCSI).

Breakin Barriers is a fundraising organisation formed by members of Morelife and NOIR Social Brand – their charitable objective is to host an annual charity event and fundraising activities for a selected worthy cause.

Fidel has received long-term care at RJAH and chose to raise funds for MCSI as a means of showing his gratitude to the Oswestry-based hospital.

The organisation hosted a range of fundraising activities, along with a hugely successful gala dinner at the Edgbaston Park Hotel in Birmingham.

Fidel said: “The level of care I received during my time with RJAH’s spinal injuries unit was outstanding – they performed multiple rounds of surgery and amazing rehabilitation care, which equipped me with the tools to live a limited but normal life.

“We have big plans for the future of Breakin Barriers – we’re aiming to create a support network for spinal injury patients discharged back into the community, and we plan to continue fundraising to support the important work RJAH carries out.”

Emma Fosbrook, Senior Physiotherapist on MCSI, represented the hospital at the gala dinner and delivered a presentation on how the unit supports patients from arriving as an inpatient to being discharged.

Fidel added: “I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the event and our fundraising efforts – I’m pleased we raised so much for such a worthy cause.”

Kate Betts is a Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Technician on MCSI and provided care to Fidel during his time at RJAH. She said: “Fidel is no ordinary man, the journey to where he is today has had it challenges but he has never let his injury define the person he is.

“These funds will help us to provide extended rehabilitation outside of the RJAH site to our MCSI inpatients. This is so important for patients as it gives them the opportunity to experience and problem solve real life situations as a mobility aid user – it also provides them with necessary breathing space away from the ward.

“Breakin Barriers will offer support where most needed – helping to build confidence and support structures in the community once patients have been discharged.”

Victoria Sugden, Charity Director, said: “Fidel is an inspiring individual making an incredible difference to people with spinal injuries. The funds raised will be used to support trips, events, and extended rehabilitation for our patients – we are extremely grateful to Fidel and Breakin Barriers for their generosity.”

Photo caption: Kate Betts, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Technician on the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries; patient Fidel Thompson; and Victoria Sugden, Charity Director.