Friday 21st May 2021 marks Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s official Air30 30th anniversary and the vitally important pre-hospital service is encouraging everyone in Shropshire to Go Red for the day to commemorate the milestone.

As well as the 30 ways of supporting the charity, featured here: – Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is keen for the people of Shropshire to show their support by simply choosing to Go Red on 21st May.

This could be something as simple as wearing red on the charity’s birthday. If red is not your colour, styling your outfit with red accessories and shoes could work as an alternative. Or you could make a red hanging basket or plant some red flowers to celebrate and bring a pop of colour into your garden. Another idea is to bake and decorate a cake which several supporters chose to do on the charity’s 29th anniversary.

To help fund future lifesaving missions in the area, the charity is asking everyone who chooses to Go Red to simply donate by texting MissionPossible (as one word) and the amount of their choice to 70085.

Emma Gray, chief operating officer for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity said: “2021 continues to be an important milestone year for the charity, despite the past 12 months being exceptionally challenging due to the demand for our service and significant reduction in fundraising. We are determined to commemorate our Air30 year with the communities we serve and thank them for their unfaltering support, past, present and in the future.

“We would love our loyal supports to Go Red on 21st May, donate what they can and share their support on social media in recognition of the last 30 years of advanced lifesaving care across the Midlands.”

To find out more about the organisation, visit and follow the service on social media.