Moreton Hall cast members performed in front of an packed audience of over 450 guests over three nights their musical interpretation of the 1990s production, The Addams Family.

The students devoted every spare minute of their time to bring the weird and wonderful musical comedy about love, friendship and family to life during the sell-out show.

The production directed by Kate Howells, Head of Drama at Moreton Hall, is based upon the  character Wednesday, played by Maya Falah, who at the age of eighteen has fallen in love with a ‘normal’ and respectable boy from Ohio, Lucas, played by Charlotte Brown.

When both families meet relationships are tested and the Addams family are succumbed to change. Strong musical performances were given by Abigail Pickersgill and Megan Keaveny in their leading roles as Morticia and Gomez.

A member of the audience, Jenny Keaveny commented, “The cast rose to the challenge of conveying the quirkiness of the Addams Family and their performances were enhanced by the excellent costumes, makeup and set design.

“Morticia and Gomez lead their macabre family, ably assisted by Lurch, through a fine script of musical comedy delivering a combination of timely one-liners and innuendoes.

“Another triumph for Mrs Howells and her team who yet again extracted the best from her cast.”

Student and member of the chorus Grace Naylor said, “It was an amazing experience and we’re so glad we took part it in.

“Next time we perform in a senior show production it will be in the new Holroyd Community Theatre and we think that The Addams family really gave the audience an idea of how much this theatre will help us improve our shows and maybe raise the already extremely high bar.”