THE Rotary Club of Oswestry invites applications from local organisations for grants from the Mary Hignett Bequest Fund. Local author, teacher and naturalist Mary Hignett left half of her estate to the Club to administer to support small projects in the areas of sport and the arts in the Oswestry area.

Recent successful applications have included funding a new batting mat for the cricket cages at Knockin and Kinnerley Cricket Club, assistance for the Welshpool Poetry Festival, a contribution towards a replacement heating boiler for Tanat Theatre Group and funding for tining of The Wynnstay Bowling Club’s green.

As she watched their new boiler being installed, founder of the Tanat Theatre Club Gaynor Richfield remarked “Thanks to Oswestry Rotary we can look forward to a warm and cosy rehearsal tonight!”

If you know of an arts or sports group who could use some funding to get their project off the ground or over the line they have until 30th November 2017 to submit their applications.

Application forms can be found on the Club website where the useful guidance notes available there should be read before supplying a completed application to

Pictured: Gaynor Richfield of the Tanat Theatre Club watches Jeremy Longhurst of Tanat Heating and Plumbing install the new boiler.