On Friday, The British Ironworks literally turned itself into “Hell on earth” with their annual Halloween Spooktacular event.

This event was only open to members and saw a limit on the number of passes provided.

Visitors, on entering, were subjected to horrific sights, seeing some children furiously reassured before entering the park land.

The Lucky ones that managed to get a pass were warned beforehand that the site had been taken over by an unearthly band of ghouls, zombies, witches and mutants. The Ironworks scare actors flooded the site with the only ambition of scaring anyone who dared enter.

Activities were all geared to ensure even the strongest nerves would be rattled.

These included a show stopping ghost train, operated by the grim reaper himself. The ‘Fright Train’, transported visitors along a journey of terror and fright, travelling past Zombies and Clowns, who were intent on bringing tears to the eyes of the passengers. Running, screaming and terrorising the train as it drove past. Some actors with real chainsaws and real guns made it even more terrifying.

Scare actors were in no mood to take any prisoners, with everyone falling victim to their own personal fears, most failing and screaming with no control.

Other special activities were also available including face your fears, scare boxes, performing fire eaters’ and terror trail competitions. Children had to find clues which led to the horrific characters scattered around the site.

Chairman, Clive Knowles said “The Feedback we have received has been incredible. The thousand or so visitors that attended all thoroughly enjoyed it, which we were delighted to hear. A lot of them stating that they had never been to anything quite like it, and it certainly topped any Halloween events they had ever been too in the past. It’s already been suggested that we run the Spooktacular over a number of days instead of just a one off event.

All 40 of the staff who took part in the day got far too much enjoyment and pleasure in scaring the visitors, this made it a gratifying event for all and they are already looking forward to next year.”

Halloween Spooktacular at the Ironworks! Halloween Spooktacular at the Ironworks! 1 Halloween Spooktacular at the Ironworks! 2