WITH a refreshed initiative, The Rotary Club of Oswestry and Oswestry Library have launched a joint Health and Wellbeing Awareness Programme for 2018. Making good use of their health support contacts in the area, the remainder of the year has allocated themes for each month which are planned to help people become aware of their own health and what they can do to look after themselves.

The Programme launched May’s theme ‘Mental Health’ at the Library this week with a session by the award-winning author, therapist and counsellor P J Roscoe who led the attendees on the theme of ‘Find Your Own Power’. In the short time allowed during the Learning at Lunchtime session, they were helped to realise, in a world of negativity, that their power can be in their own hands, how they may be presenting themselves and how not to ‘give their power away’.

Afterwards Siobhan Shaw, Branch Manager at Oswestry Library, met with Oswestry Rotary Club David Davies, Oswestry Borderland Rotary Club President Sherie Soper, Chair of Oswestry Rotary Community Services Committee Mark Liquorish and P J Roscoe to mark the launch of the event.

David said: “We are looking forward to this initiative – there really is ‘something for everyone’; a common phrase, but we really have assembled a terrific programme in which there will be something to appeal to everyone.

“On May 22nd, the Library will be having a talk by George Rook, patient activist and Chair of Shropshire Dementia Action Alliance who campaigns for change in healthcare whilst coping with dementia.

I urge people get their tickets from the Library as soon as possible as George has a lot of valuable experience to share.

“Other events are simply drop-ins. In May we are fortunate to have the Stroke Association on 16th May from 1-5 pm after a morning session of Mental Health First Aid from the Shropshire RCC whilst the Dementia Action Alliance will have a stand in the Library from 21st – 28th May. Finally Healthwatch will be in the Library from 23rd – 24th May. Please do come along and find out more.”

Siobhan added: “The day after George’s talk I would like to invite those living with dementia and their carers to a coffee morning at the Library during the morning of 23rd June where they can meet with others and have a chat.

“Looking ahead to the afternoon of 6th June, monthly theme ‘Express Yourself’, we are particularly excited about the free Singing for Health Session with Chloe Murray – we hope to raise some spirits if not the roof!”

The year continues with (in order): Find Out About Your Health, Get Away From It All, Sign Up – The Health Benefits of Learning, Power of Words, Movember – Men’s Health, Give Back and (sneaking into January and the New Year) Planning Ahead – something for everyone indeed!

Pictured: Health & Wellbeing Awareness Launch

(l-r) Siobhan Shaw, Branch Manager at Oswestry Library, author P J Roscoe, Oswestry Borderland Rotary Club President Sherie Soper, Chair of Oswestry Rotary Community Services Committee Mark Liquorish and Oswestry Rotary Club David Davies