Healthwatch Shropshire is looking for volunteers to help us reach more people so that they can help to shape the health and social care services that are provided locally.  Volunteers are key to the work of Healthwatch; they are valuable in helping to make a difference for our communities and to our services.

No previous experience is needed. Volunteers just need good listening and communication skills and to be committed to helping people from all backgrounds to have a voice.   Jane-Randall-Smith, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Shropshire, said: “Healthwatch is all about local people being able to influence the delivery and design of health and social care services where they live. It’s about getting out into the community to listen to people’s experiences and sharing this information with those who provide the services to encourage change and improvement.

“Volunteering can be great fun,” she added, “and can provide satisfaction, fulfilment and enjoyable experiences.”

Voluntary roles at Healthwatch Shropshire give people the opportunity to meet new people, use and develop existing skills and knowledge, access training and support while making a difference in to their local community.

Chris Knight, Healthwatch Shropshire volunteer, said: “As an Enter & View Authorised Representative, I believe that an important way to improve the quality of service in health and social care is to listen and relay back to providers and commissioners the opinions of those individuals experiencing services. That is what we achieve by volunteering for Healthwatch.”

Healthwatch Shropshire is also looking for people to join its Board of Trustees who oversee the activities of Healthwatch Shropshire. The Board provides scrutiny and approves policies and procedures that are needed for it to work effectively. Healthwatch would especially welcome enquiries about board membership from people with experience and knowledge of the health and social care system in Shropshire. Applications are welcome from people of all backgrounds.

Healthwatch Shropshire Volunteering facts for 2017/18

* In 2017/18, volunteers contributed over 1800 hours to the work of Healthwatch Shropshire, an average 150 volunteer hours per month.

* Our volunteers helped us to collect over 1000 local people’s experiences of health & social care services

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