You heard it here first; Luke Crump is going to be a big deal in the art world. Aged just 21 and living in Ellesmere, Luke’s pen, watercolour illustrations and digital drawings are fast gaining in popularity.

Naturally curious from a young age about nature and the arts, Luke has managed to combine his love of both to carve a budding career in the world of art. “I used to love those craft kits when I was young; painting mugs and excavating fossils. I was the kid everyone would ask to doodle random creatures and animals.”

At school, Luke took Art GCSE, but, regrettably he says, didn’t take it any further. Instead he chose graphic design and went on to study at University, before deciding it wasn’t the right path for him.

“Most of my learning is purely from experimenting with materials, trying things and making lots of mistakes, with more to come I’m sure!”

His style of art is detailed with a touch of humour, but he admits he is still developing. His digital artwork does have a certain recognisable style to it and his background in design seems to show through.

Asked how others would describe his work, he responds: “I’ve had a few people cry over pieces, (in a good way!). Commissioned portraits of pets that have recently passed, for example, the emotional responses are more rewarding than words alone.”

Luke has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), a clinically recognised disorder that can cause negative and intrusive thought and huge anxiety, but, says Luke, it can be a strength in his style of work.

“OCD has been a large part of my life so far. Thankfully after treatment and lot of hard work the obsessions don’t dominate as much of my time and mental energy as they once did. Creating art has been a very therapeutic and healing practice for me. The disorder had some benefits, unveiling positive and strong traits in my personality, patience and consideration for others.”

You can see Luke’s artwork displayed at local events and galleries. The majority of his work is available online from his quirky website, where you really get a feel for his fun personality. Modestly, Luke says his biggest fans are his mum and dad, although his pieces are sold far and wide and notably, recently to New Zealand.

“My most popular pieces are the local landscapes, particularly the Mere. Living around here I only have to walk for five minutes in almost any direction and I can be far away from everyone and everything, surrounded by nature. It’s bliss!”

Luke has also got involved in larger-scale projects; painting wall murals and producing stage props for local productions.

Like most 21-year-olds he’s not entirely sure what the future holds, but in the short-term he plans to exhibit in more galleries, get involved with local art groups and – after a recent stint in Malaysia -continue to travel the world while creating art.

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