117 Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from across the county joined forces to take part in North Shropshire’s inaugural Big Sing event.

Moreton Hall invited students from Moreton First Prep School, Whittington Primary School, Selattyn Primary School and Gobowen Primary School to take part in a range of fun musical activities and sing as part of a mass choir.

The initiative created by Moreton Hall Music Department is an opportunity to bring young children together through making music as well as generating a love and enjoyment for choral singing.

Eleanor Diack, the ‘Big Sing’ coordinator has been visiting each school over the course of the term and delivering workshop sessions on breathing, performing and choral techniques. The sessions culminated in the ‘Big Sing’ with all students and their class teachers being invited to come together to perform a selection of well-known songs.

Helen Rayner, Director of Music at Moreton Hall said, “It was evident that the children have benefitted greatly from this initiative. The musical games, exercises and songs enhanced key skills such as literacy, numeracy, communication and language. There was a great sense of fun and camaraderie amongst all the children here today and it is our hope that they have had a positive experience.”

Alison Stevens, Shropshire Music Educational Hub Services’ Manager, who was present said: “North Shropshire Big Sing’ is a very exciting choral initiative: one that I have no doubt will engender a love for choral singing in a fun and entertaining way. Moreton Hall is leading the way with such an initiative and the Shropshire Music Educational Hub is proud to have such a positive working partnership with such a forward thinking Independent school”.


Image 1 – Moreton First Prep School Students with certificate

Image 2 – Helen Rayner presenting Certificates to Selattyn Primary School

Image 3 – Eleanor Diack presenting Certificates to Gobowen Primary School

Image 4 – Alison Stevens, Shropshire Music Educational Hub Services’ Manager presenting certificate to Whittington Primary School