At just sixteen years old Moreton Hall School student, Coco Harpin has been selected to play for the Under 19 England Lacrosse Team and will represent England in the forthcoming Home Internationals Lacrosse Tournament, playing matches against Scotland, and Wales.

She has been part of the national academy for a year and during this time has been trialling for the home internationals.

Coco emphasised that the trials had taken place over a long period: “We have been assessed in the training sessions since January: getting feedback after every session. So, the actual trial felt no different. It was high intensity as everybody was giving their absolute all. It was a very competitive environment.”

Training at school has helped Coco immensely: “From improving my general stick skills, to being able to learn and improve my individual play, I have worked on this since Year 7. This year has been special as I’ve been able to learn and play with the Sixth Form which has been a privilege.”

Head of Lacrosse Coaching Hollie Harrington commented: “This is a great achievement for Coco and a reflection of the hard work she has been putting in especially over the last two years.

“We wish her a lot of luck with her national debut.”