A Telford College student has become an official STEM ambassador – so she can help to inspire the next generation of science, technology, engineering and maths professionals.

Jess Bailey has been studying HNC and HND engineering as part of the college’s higher education curriculum, alongside her job at Quorum Logistic Support Limited in Telford.

STEM Ambassadors are people who volunteer some of time each year to support school and non-school groups in a bid to get young people fired up about subjects and careers.

Jess, originally from Oswestry but now living in Telford, said: “The STEM ambassador was something I was introduced to in school.

“I was really touched by the enthusiasm displayed towards encouraging kids like myself to careers with science, technology, engineering or maths.

“I wasn’t aware back then of the amount of roles within all those fields and I think it’s key for new generations to realise there’s much more to STEM than meets the eye.

“I’m exceptionally lucky to love my engineering role and my studies, so it’s very much a case of wanting to pass my experience and enthusiasm to other people.”

Jess is an integrated logistic support engineer at Quorum, which is based at Hadley Park providing supportability engineering solutions and documentation to a range of businesses.

She said: “My experience at Telford College has certainly been a valuable one. The teachers have been incredibly encouraging with various assignments and lectures when things haven’t necessarily been great in my personal life.

“Although my own hard work has helped me to achieve my grades, I do believe that without the fantastic support network within Telford College I would not have done quite so well.”

Caroline Bastow, head of quality and learning, teaching and assessment at Telford College, said: “Employment opportunities in the engineering sector are much more diverse than people realise,

“That’s why it is so important to have people like Jess spreading the word and opening up the minds of young people.

“Jess balanced her studies and employment well, and watching her graduate this year for the second time – seeing her hard work paying off – was such an honour.”

Pictured: Jess Bailey, who has become a STEM ambassador – pictured at her Telford College higher education graduation.