Award-winning law firm Lanyon Bowdler is hosting a virtual brain injury networking forum later this month and anyone interested in attending is being urged to sign up now.

The event will feature guest speakers Daniel O’Sullivan, a former soldier who suffered a traumatic brain injury 10 years ago, and Sarah Kerr, Armed Forces Outreach Coordinator at Shropshire Council.

It is the latest in a series of successful brain injury networking forums organised by Lanyon Bowdler and provides a great opportunity for professionals, family members and other interested parties to meet and discuss anything relating to brain injuries.

The event will be held between 10am and 11am on Thursday, November 25 and the deadline for booking is the day before.

Following guest speaker presentations, there will be the chance to ask questions and breakout rooms will be opened for networking opportunities.

Neil Lorimer, one of the country’s leading legal experts in brain injuries who works with Lanyon Bowdler’s personal injury team, said: “Our brain injury networking events are always well-supported and keeping this event online means it’s convenient for those attending while keeping everyone safe.

“These forums are an important meeting point for all those working in the field of brain injuries – a particularly traumatic area of personal injury or medical negligence cases.

“The effects of this type of injury often result in the most profound changes to the lives of survivors, family and friends.

“We will have two guest speakers on the day, the first is Daniel O’Sullivan who served in the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. He sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2011 and spent several months in a coma.

“He slowly began to rebuild his life through a long period of recovery and rehabilitation and has been able with the help of considerable support to qualify as a Level 2 gym instructor – with the hope now to progress to a Level 3 personal fitness instructor.

“Daniel has 2cms of the right side of his brain now dead and he suffers from thyroid issues, meaning he has had to battle weight issues.

“He has a truly honest and gritty story to tell about his life’s journey and is committed to sharing it with others to help raise awareness of the effects of living with brain injury.

“Sarah Kerr, Armed Forces Outreach Coordinator at Shropshire Council, will also be joining us online and will be talking about the Armed Forces Covenant, giving an overview of her role, the Veterans Hub, what support there is available to veterans in Shropshire and how people can get involved.”

To book a place at the networking forum, visit