Shropshire and Mid-Wales based contractors, Nexus Electrics Ltd, is expanding to provide more support for local businesses. This comes after a decision to rebrand as Sureworks, maintaining a commitment to the same high-quality delivery but now with a new name, new logo, new website and extended services.

Dedicated towards the growth of local businesses in what are increasingly uncertain times, the expansion will allow Sureworks to meet a broader range of customer needs by delivering additional electrical services and expanding into mechanical solutions.

Sureworks is now one of a limited number of contractors providing Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) in the local area. They are currently working on installing this energy efficient air filtering system in a £1.3 million construction project alongside Pave Aways, making for both cleaner air and a cleaner planet.

Sureworks offers a range of innovative electrical and mechanical services for local businesses, with Electrical Vehicle Charging (EVC) being one of many. EVC is now an increasingly viable option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, especially due to considerable grants from the government.

Not only will their expansion allow Sureworks to install more commercial charging points, it will also result in more support for businesses looking to have a positive environmental impact. They take pride in offering support and advice throughout the application process of governmental subsidies and in their friendly, family-run culture.

For businesses wanting to make the positive change but worried about upfront cost, alongside offering support for the government grant scheme, Sureworks is also offering the option to lease the units.

Sureworks has also grown over the past few months by hiring three new team members, Mr Dave Gough, Mr Ross Hindle and Mr Sean Griffiths. This means that the company will have more skilled and experienced staff to meet customer needs.

“Whilst our name has changed, we want to assure everyone that our core values haven’t,” explained Director of Sureworks, Mr Ian Hodgkiss. “We are always looking to make a positive change, both with other businesses and for the environment.”

Sureworks is well-known for their contribution to, and involvement in, community causes and Ian is excited by the ripple effect that his own business growth will have: “Our GivingBack Scheme has always been really important to us and this expansion will mean having more time to help local charities and social enterprises. It’s never only about our own development and success, we’re just as interested in helping others!”

Team members: Daniel Husbands, Ross Hindle, Ian Hodgkiss, Nathan Carpenter, Ady Ethelston, Aled Roberts and Gavin Cherrington