Clive Smith, captain of the wheelchair rugby team has taken a silver medal with his team at the Invictus Games.

Clive was one of a 72-strong team of wounded, injured and sick military personnel and veterans selected to represent the UK at the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney.

More hopefuls than ever before, 451 WIS military personnel and veterans, trialled 11 sports for one of the 72 places available on Team UK. The trials were attended by HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, in one of their last joint appearances before the Royal Wedding.

The rigorous selection process for Team UK was based on the benefit the Invictus Games will give an individual as part of their recovery, combined with performance and commitment to training.

It is the third time that veteran Army Lance Corporal Clive ‘Smudge’ Smith has competed for Team UK; after London and Toronto.

Smudge lost both of his legs above the knee in a blast in Afghanistan in 2010. He fell in love with Wheelchair Rugby in 2016 and wants to continue his development in the sport. “I have fantastic support at home; my wife enables me in everyday life to live it to the maximum. She ensures I can put full focus into my passions and challenges.”