Local outdoor events company, Outwood Social, has made it their mission to improve the wellbeing of local people following a difficult year.

With the hard time everyone has faced, mental health is understandably suffering. Between lockdowns, business closures and financial strains, both Shropshire and its people would benefit from a pick me up.

That’s what Outwood Social plans to do with their refreshing approach to organising events. Founded by Shrewsbury local, Leanne Danby, it is more than a way to fill your schedule, it’s a community for those seeking outdoor adventures, new challenges and sharing incredible experiences together. Outwood Social was created to be ‘The place where all paths meet’, bringing together the outdoors, independent businesses and local people.

Working in partnership with a wide range of activity instructors and experts, the calendar of events on offer means people can start ‘saying yes’ after a year of being told no. From hiking to wild swimming, paddle boarding, wine tasting, yoga and more, all activities are tried, tested and organised by the Outwood Social team, meaning all businesses and people need to do is say yes.

Leanne Danby, founder of Outwood Social, said, “Outwood Social specialises in ‘beautifully crafted outdoor events’ and is designed to be that encouraging friend who pushes you outside your comfort zone in the best way. It’s not just events, it’s a community. With all of our events supporting local businesses too, everyone wins. Our local economy gets a boost and so does our self-confidence. Something we all need right now.”

You can become a pay as you go member and browse the events available on their website, social pages or through Meetup. Majority of the group are aged 25-45 and they have a rapidly growing community, with over 300 members since founded, just 8 weeks ago. The Outwood Social team attends every event and are always there to meet and greet new and existing members, making that first step a little bit easier.

Miss Danby went on to say, “Outwood Social is a way to bring Shropshire back together after a year of being apart. It’s the ability to say yes to new activities without the hassle of organising it or the fear of doing it alone. It’s a way to support local businesses and local people. This is only the beginning and we’re so excited to offer more to Shropshire, starting with our launch event at the end of July!”

Tickets are still available for the launch event where you can find out more about Outwood Social, meet other members and celebrate their recent partnership with the National Trust. The event will be held at the exclusive BlueBAR in the secret garden of Wyle Blue World, Shrewsbury, on Thursday 29th July at 7pm. Pizza and prosecco will be provided and it’s a place to meet others and enjoy a social evening. To find out more, and to book your ticket, visit https://www.meetup.com/shropshire-outdoors-20s-30s-40s/events/279254218/.

You can follow them at www.outwoodsocial.co.uk, on Facebook and Instagram @OutwoodSocial or for all other enquiries and partnerships, get in touch with Leanne Danby at leanne@outwoodsocial.co.uk.