Visit Oswestry, part of Oswestry Borderland Tourism, has created a new Tourism Ambassador Scheme for Oswestry and the Borderlands.

This new initiative, modelled on the successful Wales Tourism Ambassador Scheme, is the first of its kind to be launched in England.

“Anyone who has an interest in Oswestry and this beautiful area we live in, can become an Oswestry Tourism Ambassador”, explained Lee Lucks, Chairman of Oswestry Borderland Tourism. “It is a web-based course ( that lets you learn about Oswestry Town and the area nearby. As you complete online modules and do the quizzes, you progress from bronze to silver and finally become a Gold Oswestry Tourism Ambassador. The course is totally free and is full of local information, images, videos, quirky facts, and final quizzes and is a fun way to learn and then share your knowledge of Oswestry and The Borderlands.”

Originally the Wales version, which began in Denbighshire, was aimed at businesses involved in the local visitor economy and tourist information staff, but it was quickly taken up by people who loved the area and wanted to know more. There are now over 2000 people signed up to the scheme in Wales and more areas are joining.

Ruth Sperring, Visit Oswestry Marketing Manager, was one of the first to test out the course. She said: “I recently started to work with Visit Oswestry and although I love the town and the area, realised that I needed to know more. So I was one of the first to trial the scheme. It has been fun to do and the information you learn as you go for gold is fascinating. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Oswestry – whether it is the history, the famous people or just learning more about the beautiful Borderlands that surround Oswestry town.”

“We hope that local businesses will encourage their staff to take part and then share their knowledge with visitors,” added Graham Mitchell, Vice Chair of Oswestry Borderland Tourism. “There are currently 11 modules ranging from Oswestry History to Oswestry’s industrial heritage. Only two are compulsory but there are then various optional modules to complete your qualification. The Mary Hignett Bequest fund from Oswestry Rotary Club has kindly sponsored the next module on Oswestry Arts and Culture and we are looking forward to adding that to the course in April or May.”

Town guides Steve Drake, Julie McCabe, Richards Swindells and Visit Oswestry’s Karen Pringle and Ruth Sperring are amongst the first people to achieve Gold status,

Oswestry Borderland Tourism (Visit Oswestry) is a not-for-profit organisation. The organisation works to promote Oswestry and the Borderlands as one of the most desirable UK destinations, providing a welcoming and memorable visitor experience that reflects the area’s historic, cultural, and natural heritage.

The membership is made up of businesses and organisations which offer accommodation, staycations, dining, shopping, events, and attractions.

Pictured: Karen Pringle & Ruth Sperring of Visit Oswestry.

Town Guides Steve Drake, Julie McCabe, Richards Swindells.

Pictured: The Tourist Information Centre.