A secretary has launched her own luxury soy candle business from her home in Oswestry.

Launched in December 2018, Gatcombe Candle Co. makes luxury, hand crafted soy candles.

The business was set up by Nicola Field, after struggling to find luxury candles with long-lasting fragrances using soy-based wax at an affordable price.

Nicola lives at home with partner Dave who serves in the Army, sons Sam (22) and Oliver (19) and seven-year-old pet dog Daisy.

“I like making things,” said Nicola, “and over the last few years I’ve had free time to concentrate on candles, which initially started as a hobby. I bought them wherever I went. You can never have too many candles!

“One day I thought I wonder how you actually make candles and from that day it began – I started a lot of research and testing. I wanted a more environmentally friendly candle, so decided not to use paraffin wax. 100% soy was what I chose to experiment with, I used to sit for many hours at the dining room table covered full of candles burning away with different wicks, wax and scents, searching for the perfect candle.

“Getting the branding right was also very important to me,” adds Nicola, “I am quite particular and it took a lot of time and patience, but with perseverance I got there in the end and I’m extremely proud of the end result.”

Her philosophy from the outset was based on creating pure candles, which are elegant, luxurious and give off beautiful scents. After extensive research Nicola came up with her very own range of scented candles, at a price that was affordable in the local market. She does all this from her home in Eastern Oswestry on Gatcombe Gardens – the inspiration for the business name.

“It soon became an addiction, wanting to get the perfect candle and just before Christmas 2018 we celebrated with a launch party, which was very successful and I was totally overwhelmed by the support from everyone.”

Nicola, who balances the business with her full-time job as a secretary said what started out as a hobby – after testing the candles out on friends and family – soon took off as a business just before Christmas, when she received orders for gifts.

Following this, she decided it was time to launch her products to the public and has been overwhelmed by the response from her Facebook and Instagram pages. She’s also planning on a website for 2019.

“I manage the business myself during the week and my partner Dave helps me at the weekends, he is very encouraging and supportive. I enjoy it as I am very passionate about the products. It’s always exciting thinking and researching new ideas, hearing the positive feedback from everyone makes it all worthwhile.”

The candles come in various sizes – small tin travel candles, to large luxury boxed glass jars – and 14 different scents, including four new ones for Spring 2019.

“Testing and introducing new scents is always exciting, striving to keep the product fresh and in trend with the current seasons, hearing the positive reactions makes me feel proud of the product I have created. I am currently working on wax melts and diffusers, which will be available soon.”

Nicola ends: “Obviously no one can predict the future but I would like to see the business grow, sell lots of candles and one day Gatcombe Candle Co. being a major home fragrance company based in Oswestry – not forgetting our roots – that will strive to use British produce in the manufacturing of our products.”

Available from Booka Book Shop, Oswestry

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