The Marches Academy Trust is evolving the world of education with thanks to their ‘agents of change’ programme.

Key staff  have been working on projects to share best practice, create new ways of engaging students and parents and working to continually raise standards.

Staff have worked together to find flexible ways to engage students and parents in this fast-paced world where student motivation and engagement is key to their success. Katie Collins, Natasha Lloyd and Jessica Mitchell from Longlands Primary School in Market Drayton have had a positive impact on their community by engaging with families whilst delivering out work to their students. This has allowed staff and parents to connect in a student centric way, offering support in order to have a positive impact on family life.

The Trust’s special education needs (SEN) provision has been developed through this programme to help manage student emotion and engage students striving for excellence. The Trust offering for students with educational needs or requiring some additional pastoral support is second to none thanks to the dedicated staff working with parents to develop strategies for learning. This has been evident recently where Helen Morris from Oakmeadow CE Primary School has created strategies to support students across the Trust.

Dan Pritchard and Fabian Pietersen from The Marches School along with Josh Evans from The Grange Primary School and Helen Hipkiss from Lower Heath CE Primary School have been exploring ways to engage students and motivating them to succeed through a reward and recognition programme.

The recent pandemic has provided an opportunity to raise standards using technology and remote learning. The strategies and programmes developed by the staff have proved so valuable over the past few weeks and will help shape the world of education in the future. The Trust has led the way on home learning and student engagement thanks to the dedicated staff.

Craig Campbell from Sir John Talbot’s School comments, “At the Marches Academy Trust we promote an ‘ethic of excellence’ in every aspect of a child’s growth. Through sharing our best practice we aim to transform the life chances of all children within our care.”

Anna Willis from The Grove School comments, “We are able to make a difference to our school communities and that is so rewarding. The programmes of change that we are all working on across the Trust will help us, as a family of schools, work together and transform the future of education.”