The Marches School has welcomed and hosted teachers and staff from five European schools this week as they joined an Erasmus+ project to allow students cross continent opportunities.

Schools from Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands all visited this week as part of the first step of the project, which is called ‘Co-living – Co working’. The project will look at aspects of preparing the students for the opportunities available to them in the other countries.

The two-year multilateral research exchange project will entail diversity, Brexit and cultural similarities and differences as part of it.  It gives students the opportunity to visit the countries involved in the project, going outside of their comfort zone and witnessing different cultures.

This week, the staff from all of the countries involved spent a hectic three days preparing for the research project, which is fully funded by the European Union.

Miss Helena Griffiths, Assistant Progress Leader at the Marches School, commented: “Erasmus+ is a unique opportunity which allows our students to be immersed in cultures in a very special way. The Erasmus+ team of teachers have been able to bring the project alive in practical terms over the last three days to ensure it is successful and is able to influence as many people in our community as possible. The project allows us to develop students learning far beyond the traditional curriculum and will tackle some hard topics such as racism and terrorism. Without this week’s work in training and preparing for the upcoming visits the project would not be possible.”