Shropshire Mobility Solutions based at Welsh Frankton, has won the contract to supply new wheelchairs to Stans Superstore in St Martins for customers at the store to use.

The move will make it easier for people with mobility issues to move around the store, helping to maintain a level of independence and enhance their shopping experience.

Technicians from Shropshire Mobility Solutions will be providing regular maintenance and service on both of the wheelchairs and Stans bosses hope to expand the range of mobility aids they can offer if there is a demand from shoppers.

Shropshire Mobility Solutions was set up by Scott and Andrea Marston at their home in Gobowen three years ago and moved to their new showroom in Welsh Frankton earlier this year to accommodate continued expansion and meet increasing demand for its services.

Scott said: “It’s great to work with another independently owned family firm and to be able to offer shoppers the chance to use a wheelchair without the hassle of getting their own out if they can walk the short distance from the car to the store.

“It will also benefit those shoppers who don’t need to use a wheelchair on a regular basis but may have difficulty in walking for long periods.

“As someone who has mobility issues, I know only too well how difficult it can be to do even the simplest of things that everyone else takes for granted – such as going shopping, and to be given the means to accomplish this most basic of tasks is so very important.

“We hope it will make life just that little bit easier for those people and allow them to enjoy going shopping with friends and family.”

Robert Faulks, partner at Stans Superstore, said: “We are delighted to be teaming with Shropshire Mobility Solutions to provide this valuable service to our customers.

“We are pleased to have the high quality wheelchairs available in store for our customers to use which will be looked after by the professional team at Shropshire Mobility Solutions.

“It will be extremely beneficial for those customers who maybe don’t have a wheelchair at home because they don’t need to use one every day but struggle walking around a store, which can be too much for some.

“Knowing a wheelchair will be available for them to browse around the store is great news. It will provide a level of independence which is so important for those struggling with mobility and we are delighted to provide the service.”

Pictured: L-R Justin Smart from Stans with Scott Marston from Shropshire Mobility Solutions.