Recently 202 Year 11 students from The Marches Academy presented themselves, in turn, to receive a 30 minute, 1-1, ‘mock’ interview by 21 members of the Rotary Club of Oswestry, assisted by an additional group of willing spouses and Club friends. With no job ‘on the table’, students were interviewed on their cvs prepared in advance. The experience of the interviewers guided the students to bring forward a lot of very interesting and us…eful information which would be of interest to a prospective employer, and permitted valuable feedback and tips on how the students could succeed in future interviews.

“All of the students were well prepared for their futures – those not heading for the 6th Form had clear and achievable paths mapped out,” found Rotarian Robin Sinclair.

Event organisers Rotarian John Thompson and Marches’ staff Alice Nunns and Sarah Peacock worked hard before and during the day to bring this large event together. “The Rotarian Interviews have been a great experience for our Year 11’s. Many thanks to the interviewers for giving of their time and knowledge,” said The Marches staff.

“Although I know that it is a huge logistical challenge for both the School and the Club to organise interviews for the whole of such a large year group, it does seem to have worked extremely well,” said interviewer Rotarian Graham Moss. “It was a real privilege once again to work with young people from The Marches and help them improve such an important life skill. The students I met were all very keen to succeed and were remarkably open to the feedback provided by the process. I wish them and all the other students every success when they come to real-life interviews.”