Moreton Hall School is proudly celebrating its 110-year history through a promenade piece of theatre that aims to highlight some of the school’s pivotal moments and influential figures throughout its vibrant and steeped past.

Set in the picturesque area of Weston Rhyn, surrounded by hundreds of acres of lush parkland, Moreton Hall’s current grandeur belies its humble beginnings. Founded by the Ellen Lloyd-Williams, wife of John Lloyd-Williams, a former headmaster of Oswestry School, Moreton Hall began in the heart of Oswestry with just thirteen pupils.

Speaking about the significance of the upcoming event, Principal Michael Brewer said: “Our Promenade performance offers a unique opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate the school’s vibrant history. Audiences will enjoy watching dramatisations of pivotal moments throughout the school’s legacy.

“The school’s site is extremely special and stands as a testament to the outstanding leadership and forward-thinking of Mrs Lloyd-Williams. Showcasing it in this way seems extremely fitting. I know that our pupils will, once again, put on a memorable performance, leaving the audience with a lasting impression of how remarkable this school is.”

The celebratory performance will feature not only Moreton Hall’s talented pupils but also a string of professional actors and performers from diverse backgrounds.

Michael Jenkins, Director and Producer of the performance and Head of Drama, said: “The talent on offer at Moreton is exceptional, from the pupils through to the teachers and support staff. It has been thrilling watching the community work together in the planning and rehearsals of this special event.

“This performance is like nothing we’ve ever done before. The audience can expect to be surprised by many of the elements, from the historically inspired and charming script to the visiting artists, many of whom are taking time out of their West End contracts to join us. And if that isn’t enough, the performance begins with a ride on a carousel or Ferris wheel, because, well, why not?”

Hattie Maddocks, Head Girl, added: “We are all incredibly excited to put down our books and get involved in this exciting performance that showcases Moreton Hall’s love for the arts and community. During my time here, I have been involved in so many performances and have loved every one of them. This event is particularly special as it allows us to celebrate our school’s rich history in such a creative way.”

The evening will conclude with a supper provided by the school’s onsite catering team, accompanied by live music from The Wandering Wings, ensuring a memorable end to the celebration.

This one-off theatrical performance is open to all, inviting not just those connected to the school but the entire community to join in the festivities. To book your tickets, visit: or call 01691 773671.