Moreton Hall’s public speaking teams are through to the regional finals of the Business and Professional Women’s annual competition.

This is an annual competition, celebrating young speakers from across the United Kingdom.

Moreton entered two teams into the first round of the public speaking competition. The Year 11 team included the chairwoman, Belinda Matthews; giving the votes of thanks, Emma Vivian; and keynote speaker Florence Tyne.

The winning team discussed what exams really test and focused on the general integrity and efficiency of exams. Florence commented:

“My conclusion was that our system of testing especially for GCSEs here in the UK is outdated for our era. Creativity is more valuable and yet exams take away an individual’s creativity to fit a spec and grade.

“I suggested that the US continuous assessment method of testing would be much more prudent for the UK. This method of testing is proven to cater for the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.”

The Lower Sixth team consisted of Hattie Jones, Tatyna Kahn and Cerys Chamberlain. Their topic was “Tulip Mania”.  Cerys explained the origin of the term:

“Tulip mania was a speculative bubble that occurred in 1636-37 in Holland, where Tulips became massively overpriced to the point where a single bulb could be worth upwards of a good country home.

“People invested heavily in the flower and many lost their livelihoods when it eventually popped due to demand failing to remain at such a height given the price increases.”

Head of Spoken English at Moreton Hall, Merriel Halsall-Williams, commented: “The girls presented themselves with confidence and poise. This is a well-deserved achievement.”

Both of the winning teams will go through to the regional finals in Belfast, next March.

Pictured – Left to right

Emma Vivian, Belinda Matthews, Florence Tyne, Cerys Chamberlain, Tatyna Kahn, Hattie Jones.