New bleed control kits have been installed to all defibrillator boxes in and around Oswestry Town.

The first bleed kit was funded by the West Midlands Ambulance Service for the Bailey Head defib box and Oswestry Town Council has since provided funding for seven additional kits to be installed across the town.

Michelle Simmonds from Oswestry First Responders, supported this new initiative and explained how they can be used in serious incidents to control bleeding and promote blood clotting.

There are many ways that a catastrophic bleed can occur, such as from a stabbing, car accident or a work related in jury. By having publicly accessible bleed control packs, anyone can provide the necessary first aid to reduce blood loss until professional, medical help arrives.

Oswestry Town Mayor, Councillor Jay Moore comments “The Town Council unanimously supported this initiative and while we hope these incidents do not occur, we will do our very best to protect our community and help to save lives “.

Pictured: Michelle Simmonds from Oswestry First Responders with Oswestry Town Mayor, Councillor Jay Moore.