Oswestry BID have today launched the Oswestry Market Place, in conjunction with LoyalFree.

BID manager Adele Nightingale said; “As we start to look towards Christmas this will be a great way for those businesses that don’t have an online presence to be able to offer that service to their customers.

It will also mean that people can still ‘shop local’ without having to leave their home.  We know that some people are having to isolate and therefore we wanted to be sure that they could still support the local economy by offering the businesses the opportunity to promote and sell their goods and services online.

The Oswestry Marketplace, an online shopping solution free to BID levy payers, to sell products and services locally, regionally and nationally. This can support businesses in the run-up to Christmas who want a way to extend their audience, and in the longer term, to provide an additional channel for customers or clients to purchase products, services or gift vouchers.”

Key features of the scheme include:

– CLICK & COLLECT: customers can buy products and pick them up from your shop.

– PRODUCTS & SERVICES: customers can buy both products or services through this online portal.

– GIFT CARDS: customers can buy gift vouchers for shopping, services and hospitality.

STRIPE is used to receive payments.

LoyalFree Marketplace takes 0% commission and there is a card transaction fee of 3%. So for example, if a customer bought a product for £2.50 + £1 shipping, the business receives 97% of this total: £3.40.

For more information click onto  https://www.loyalfreemarketplace.co.uk/ to see the website showing several towns already using the platform. Click on the Oswestry image to visit our local site.