A new scheme has been launched to help local small business owners build their marketing expertise.

The Marketing Club provides small to medium sized businesses with monthly workshops on different marketing skills covering a wide range of areas including drawing up a marketing plan, identifying your audience, social media skills and websites.

The club will offer members two workshops per month and access to all previous workshops with further membership benefits to be added later in the year.

Founder of The Marketing Club, Ruth Martin of Martin & Jones Marketing which is based in Oswestry, said the scheme was aimed at all small to medium sized businesses who knew that marketing was essential but were not big enough to have their own marketing department or pay an outside agency.

“It will help anyone who wants to improve their marketing skills or take their marketing activities to the next level. It will also be a useful programme for any business owners considering using an agency and who would like a bit more knowledge on what to ask,” she said.

Under The Marketing Club scheme, businesses will pay a fixed monthly membership fee to tap into the series of workshops in group or individual sessions. All the workshops will be delivered online and recorded so that members can access them through the website.

Free taster workshops will be held on June 28 at 6pm on developing campaign messages and on September 6 at 6pm titled The 7 P’s of Marketing.

Ruth will be working with a team of qualified and experienced specialists to provide a programme covering all aspects of marketing. Workshops will be split into four categories covering strategy, digital, communication and mindset.

Membership options include group and one-to-one sessions to guide business owners through the process of creating a marketing plan, putting it into action and developing business through its implementation. Or businesses can attend specific workshops for a one-off fee.

“Over the last few years I’ve met so many business owners who have a real passion and drive to see their businesses succeed, and know how important it is to get the marketing right but can’t afford to hire outside agencies like mine to manage their marketing for them.

“Good marketing really can make the difference between a struggling business and a thriving business, so I wanted to create a space that gives everyone the opportunity to access marketing knowledge and gain valuable skills in an affordable way.

“Through The Marketing Club these businesses have the chance to learn from experienced specialists on a board range of topics and learn valuable skills that they can implement in their own businesses,” said Ruth.

The packages will include quarterly meetings, monthly question and answer and challenge sessions, regular support and marketing check-ups to keep business on track.

“Our mission is to de-mystify marketing, so that small-business owners can develop the tools they need to market their businesses successfully, without having to spend a huge amount of money on hiring an agency or employing a full-time marketing specialist.

“Some members might decide to hire someone to help with their marketing as well as joining The Marketing Club, and these people will have the advantage of knowing all the right questions to ask, ensuring they are getting good value for money,” said Ruth.

Further information about The Marketing Club is available at www.marketing-club.co.uk and support@marketing-club.co.uk

Pictured: Strategic marketing consultant, Ruth Martin.