Tali a local Oswestry man who owns the beard care business Unshaven, will be having his much loved beard shaven off on the 31st of October. The shave is taking place in order to raise money for cancer treatment, research and awareness through the Organisation ‘No-Shave November’ (https://no-shave.org/).

The shave will be taking place at Billie Bob Barber’s between 6pm and 7pm, with a planned gathering as well as a live stream for those that cannot make it in-person.

November, originally starting in Australia, is most notably known in the bearding and moustache world for ‘Movember’, where men undertake a clean shave and grow a moustache in order to raise donations to combat prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health & suicide prevention.

While ‘No-Shave November’ started in America but is fast gaining traction within the bearding world. The idea is that people grow out their facial fuzz for the month of November in support of those who cannot due to cancer treatment.

Tali told the Oswestry Life: “Having previously taken part in Movember, Go Sober for October and this year  the Refugee Challenge I’ve decided to give something else a go. I was torn between No Shave and Movember, but since both me and my barber, George, have taken part in Movember before I figured I would try No Shave November – and even shave my beard off for it!”

For anyone that would like to tune in live, or follow updates on the social media you can visit Unshavenuk on Facebook or Billie Bob Barber’s Oswestry who will be live streaming ‘The Big Shave’. Other taking part in either of the November charity events are encouraged to share pictures to help raise both awareness and money to treat these life-changing conditions.

The donation link: https://no-shave.org/member/Unshaven?fbclid=IwAR0jZqrZSnYvTl56QrXcJ6_TuKpK2It98IuguUnPHYO2xZ4CsxjvVR1U7Ag