An Occupational Therapist at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital has been announced November’s winner of the Health Hero Award at today’s Board of Directors meeting.

Sally Wilson was nominated for going to great lengths to ensure a patient was able to get the equipment they needed to be discharged safely and recover at home – this was made difficult due to the national shortages of equipment across the country.

She was nominated by Claire George, Physiotherapist, who said: “Sally consistently goes above and beyond, to achieve the best possible outcomes for all her patients.

“Her caring and positive outlook towards every patient inspires me to be the best physiotherapist I can be, it is an absolute pleasure to work alongside Sally.

“The latest example of Sally’s hard work and dedication is for a patient that we closely worked together for post a spinal operation.

“Unfortunately, the key equipment they needed after the operation was not going to be available in their area for a long period of time and there was no equipment available at the Trust due to shortages. Sally therefore purchased the equipment needed for the patient out of her own pocket to ensure they could be safely discharged.”

The monthly award is presented to unsung heroes from across the hospital who are nominated by their colleagues for going the extra mile.

Sally said: “I really feel as though I was just doing my job and I have no doubt that any of my colleagues would have done the same in that situation. I’m delighted to have won the Health Hero Award, I never expected it.

“I started working here a little over a year ago and it’s the friendliest place I’ve worked. Everyone smiles and says hello, I can see why staff stay as long as they do.”


She was presented her award, consisting of a keepsake certificate, special badge and box of chocolates donated by the League of Friends, by Stacey Keegan, Interim Chief Executive.

Stacey said: “From Sally’s nomination it’s clear that she is a true asset to the team and that she goes above and beyond to ensure the best care and outcomes for her patients.

“She is an extremely worthy winner; I am delighted to announce her as November’s recipient of the Health Hero Award.”

Pictured: Stacey Keegan, Interim Chief Executive; Sally Wilson, Occupational Therapist; Claire George, Physiotherapist.