Today saw Richard Edwards try something new for the members of Oswestry Golf Club.

With golf in lockdown and members being taunted by the warmest April any of us can remember, Head Professional Richard Edwards, decided to try and get a few members together for some online tuition.

With modest expectations Richard started to spread the word last week to see if there was much interest.  Within 24 hours the first session was fully booked.

Fast Forward to Monday 27th April and at 1050am members of OGC logged on to Zoom to take part in this new coaching session.  Members interacted prior to Richard commencing which was great to see.  Chairman Phil Wolstenholme was full of praise for this new initiative ‘What a great idea.  It was wonderful to see 25 other members all logged on and chatting to each other prior to the lesson.  The tips handed out by Richard were easy to digest and something we can all practice at home’

Richard goes on to say ‘I was slightly apprehensive to begin with as we weren’t sure how much interest we would have, but the sign up from the members was fantastic and the interaction during the session was really energising.  I can’t wait for the next session now’

Richard was asked during the session for a follow up, so he will be running a chipping tips session for this group and looking to put on another group for other members to engage in.

A great example of a club coming together and supporting each other despite the current climate.

For further details on Oswestry golf club visit and to see more of Richards upcoming events follow him on instagram or facebook at @richardedwardsgolf or email