Oswestry Town Mayor Sandy Best cut the ribbon to open the newly refurbished garden, followed by a blessing by The Rev. Jeff Hancocks in the garden. He was assisted by Jennifer Patterson and Natasha Hoggett, two girls from the Marches School, who have worked hard in the garden as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The decision to recreate the garden was taken last year, when it was in a poor state. Mr Leslie Holmes offered personally to fund having the overgrown bushes and willow maze brought to a manageable level; this required professional tree fellers. Les also donated money for the purchase of a small shed.

Mrs. Carol Patterson was elected as the leader of the garden and she has spent countless hours working in it with the help of her husband, Steve, and her parents.

The Wildlife Trust received a prize from Tesco and made a huge contribution by creating a living wall at the side and rear of the garden. They have planted many bee-friendly clematis and other plants. They have also contributed two water butts, which have been extremely necessary during this very hot dry season. The owner of the large shed bordering the garden provided a gutter down the side of the shed to provide rain drainage to the water butts. Unfortunately there has been no rain as yet! However I am sure his kindness will be rewarded in the years ahead.

The town council donated the money for a lovely picnic set from the Bonfire Fund. A spot for relaxing and enjoying the garden.

There is a little tower frame at the left of the gate with the letters HOPE meaning Helping Other People Everywhere. This is for milk bottle tops, collected by Richard Beaman to support for a variety of charities.

The generosity of hard work and monetary assistance has shown how wonderfully good spirited the people of Oswestry are.

After the garden was open, the church sanctuary was open for viewing and the halls supplied refreshments and a variety of stalls.

Again there was another example of good spirit and helping each other. Amanda Jones, the director of Approved Care and Support next to the church, provided a star prize for our raffle – a flat screen TV. She also provided a tombola of Christmas effects, and her staff was on hand to manage it. All for our event! What lovely neighbours.

There seems so be no bounds to Oswestry people helping and working together. What a wonderful town!

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