Ben Wilson gave an impassioned talk to Borderland Rotary and explained exactly what Osnosh is all about.

Ben set up Osnosh with his brother Tom in 2018 as a Community Interest Company to address the dual problems of increasing hunger and increasing food waste from supermarkets but it has become much more than just a community kitchen for, as well as making very tasty meals from supermarket food that would otherwise go to waste, it is a community hub, a kitchen garden, a meals-on-wheels service, a training resource and a centre for food sustainability.

Ben said, “The country is now experiencing some really hard times and it looks as if it’s only going to get worse but there are many people around us who live with hardship on a daily basis and have done for years and years. We can do our bit by cooking meals on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes at The Centre in Oak Street, Oswestry and putting together grocery packs for people to help themselves to but, we must also try to influence the way that people think about food, try to lessen the waste in everyday society”.  Funding for Osnosh comes from many sources, the council, the lottery and from charitable groups as well as from donations from those who can afford to donate when they visit.

Ben continued, “We are continually applying for new and sustainable sources of funding and also looking for volunteers of all kinds to help prepare, and serve up to 70 meals at a service, so please come along and try our ever-changing menu.”

Osnosh is based at The Centre, Oak Street, Oswestry SY11 1LW and serves meals on Wednesday and Friday from 10.30am to 2.30pm

Pictured Left to right: Chris Bryan-Smith (Borderland President), Ben Wilson (Osnosh) & Andy Boroughs (Borderland).